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The spirit of projects’ past

Below is a selection of the things I have made in the last couple of years and I am currently working up the courage to knit my first cardigan and making some cushions for my new flat.

I love this scarf because it is one of the first things I really knitted that I actually liked enough to wear out in public.  It was made with some lovely wool that I bought from a thrift store on my first trip to NYC back in 2005 and I just love the many shades which shift and change depending on the light and what I wear with it.  I loosely followed a pattern – which I often enjoy.

This was a hat that I knitted for my best friend’s baby: it was my first time sewing in the round with 5 needles – or was it 4?!  Anyway…it felt like a lot of needles and I was very happy with the result, especially as I had subliminally sewn an “S” into the top of the hat which is one of my initials.  Excellent.

This is a bobble hat I knitted for my sister for Christmas.  I loved the deep green, contrasted with the crisp cream pom pom on the top, which I wasn’t sure she would approve of but turns out she loves.

Here is one example of the hanky holders I have been making for people – this one was for my other sister.  I also made one for a friend at work with some lovely red gingham insert and a russian doll vintage fabric on the outside.  I made the pattern up myself and always enjoy creating these simple but personal gifts.


Some great Christmas bunting that I first thought about making around 3 years ago and only got round to actually doing last year.  They don’t show very well on the picture but I sewed sequins onto the bias binding, and small bells onto the bottom of the triangles.  I fused the different materials together and also stiffened each piece with interfacing.






I knitted about 3 of these hats over the winter, in various shades. It really helped me to practice patience – which is a must in sewing, knitting and other crafts and something I have really had to work at!








Just a simple bag to hold my sister-in-law’s present in, but meant that I was able to use up some very small squares of fabric that I bought the year before and make a neat little patchwork.  I changed the wool for some thicker white cord which gave the bag a crisper look.









Here’s a brooch I made a number of years ago, but I still like it – especially the big button!  It was just done on a whim, when I had an hour or so, and some fabric, to spare.  Love projects like that.






And this was a brooch I made for my best friend’s birthday a number of years ago aswell.  I spent time going round the petals in blanket stitch, as well as finding a small sun button to go in the middle, surrounded by cute little pearlescent sequins (I don’t often use sequins, honest!). I had a pretty bad camera back then, so the sequins don’t come out so well but they sure did glint and glisten on the final piece.

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  1. winnie permalink
    November 23, 2011 10:43

    can you plz teach me too or u can help me explore new things…………..
    we can be friends. ^.^

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