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Crafting and other capers

Aside from writing, another passion in my life is making things; solid, sort of practical things out of bits of other previously disparate bits of cloth, wool, wood, or anything else I can lay my magpie eyes and thrifty hands on.  I particularly like picking up vintage fabrics from second hand shops or just making small things from very luxurious offcuts.  To me a piece doesn’t need to be big to be beautiful and I prefer to make good quality projects from the best fabric I can afford, rather than go for larger projects but compromise on the lush and interesting materials I can work with.

Making things, to me, is as much about being somewhere and buying whatever materials I see and then choosing a project to fit around the materials – in this way fabric becomes not just a means to an end but is like a scrap book: it is a way for me to remember and to weave the intangible and precious into something I can incorporate into the everyday, in both an evocative and enjoyable way.

My family has a strong history of traditional domestic crafts such as sewing and knitting, as I’m sure most families do.  My Nana was a thrifty knitter, making the best use of whatever she had and my Mum has recently resumed knitting after a hiatus of many years.  When I knit, or sew it reminds me of both my Nana and Mum teaching me those skills when I was a child, and how I came to re-visit them as a teenager and then as a woman.  I had always messed about with customising clothes and eventually decided to take a sewing course to consolidate my self-taught skills.  I loved the class and I love the feeling of generational connection I get when I sit down to work on a project.

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  1. October 27, 2012 13:39

    wow thats a good story…. i love crafting too. 😀

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