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Bubble and froth

December 26, 2016

My love never left

My lungs, to bubble into

It was there
All along
The words
To bring the feeling
Into being
Not just a concept
But tangible
Not just a fiction (friction)
But a real person
Not just a thought
But a bone-deep longing
To pat you down
To drum into you
The morse code
Of my affection


I held back
I knew
I pushed
I knew
I tried to hide
I knew
I cried, but remained alone
I knew

I knew you;
You were like the sea
All around
But ultimately inhospitable
To a sky-breather like me –
In turns warm and all-consuming
Next dark and unchartered
Compressing my chest.
Crushing me.

My love never leaving
My lungs, never finding
The will to bubble into


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