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Larger than my grandparents garden

March 23, 2015


I dream
The edges fuzzed out
Like charcoal smudged
Drawings, blue tacked
To an oscillating screen
Flicking over sleeping eyes
All shadows and echo
I dream of love
So big, as to cover the whole skyline
Foreground swamped in feeling
Shimmering like heat haze
And fire sheen
Larger than my grandparents garden
When I was small
As magical as electricity and slight of hand
A love as tall as heels and tiptoes
But real, so real
Tactile and solid
Sitting between us
Like packets and packets of solidified gum
Chewed and blown and stuck
all bulbous and strawberry like.
A love, ripe and heavy
Savoured and luscious.
Like slick thighs and breathing organza breezes.
Love, in all its overwhelming senses

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