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March 23, 2015


It isn’t that you don’t

it’s that you opened

the possibility,

(when you opened your mouth)

that you did.


I had never considered

the possibility

until your touch,

in the half formed light

began to seem


and somehow safe.


My appropriateness

primed to retain the barriers

held their own,

but something in your expression

endured, began to settle,

and so it began

I started


to look again

to think again

to consider touch

to look, to check

if I could

if it could be


And because I am

who I am, I had to

poke, probe,

to check,

if the words spoken

(in sauced breath)

could be real

could stand up by themselves


your response

steeped in twilight

broke the burgeoning hope

that you had previously

strove to ignite

You reminded me


I’m not good with passing fancy

as your statement hit the pit

of my stomach

like a kick – if only you hadn’t

thought to share, with words

for which you gave no thought,

then perhaps I wouldn’t

be caught, as I am,

in flexion.

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