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An oldy, but a goody…

March 23, 2015

I was having some interesting chats with friends this weekend, and the subject of break-ups and the subsequent gossip they generate came up. Then I looked through some old material and, low and behold, back in 2004 I had written a poem on this very topic so thought I’d share it – for all those people caught in the post-break up maelstrom.


Maelstrom (once removed)

When voices rise against you
shouting your guilt, despite your efforts
to damage control a bad situation
believe that the stand you take
is for the best in the end

no one can ever know the intricacies
that two people share in
intimate moments; the workings of
a partnership are only visible
to those who sit on the inside
looking out.

To those on the outside
it all seems so simple, black
and white with all the grey removed
in these moments
to suppose that there is
someone good
someone bad

and that the good
are innocent
and the bad
are removed from ourselves.
The truth is a little more complicated.

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