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Almost too much

March 23, 2015
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My eyes
They always see too much
My mind
Always strives to join the dots
And usually in haste
Throws things together
That struggle and clash
Sometimes the sights
Are almost too much
My lids, wavering, to try to
Modulate the light
To ration the view
To give my mind the time to catch up
To take it in
And make sense of
The overwhelming
Because often everything feels
Too much, the wind
Through trees like singing
Voices, the graze of a wall
Like a lovers lips,
Brushing thighs
And my overwrought sigh
Like the end of the world
And last breath
My mind creates such wonders
From rubbish, throws out
Lines to try and catch
The good stuff but catches all
And ends up dragged down
In the minutiae – too much
To sift through
And I feel weighted with
All the possibilities.
Because there are so many
Wonders, so many drifts
And turns that I’m loathe
To limit my part
My place amongst it all
And the filtering is part of the process
But the process brings its own
It’s own toll – requires me
To sit with all my gatherings
And decide: which is worthwhile
Which is it to be?
And there is sadness;
As so much gets lost
And the choice is arbitrary
When the alternatives
Remain fixed
Like butterflies
The pins, ageing and the reasons
For not choosing
Becomes ever-more less

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