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Magician – for Big Tent Poetry

July 4, 2010

To keep me on my toes, and my mind a-churning, here’s my response to Big Tent Poetry’s request for conversational poems:


“You always turn
the other cheek”

“but only because
it stings to be slapped
by the same request twice”

“I wouldn’t strike
if you played fair”

“but what other sport
would you have me play?!”

(later you turn to me and mutter
half asleep and dazed)

“we tussle away
til twlight hoists the moon
and night’s big hand
our differences
and magics them away”

“yes dear” I reply
“as always,
as always”.

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  1. July 4, 2010 19:10

    This is powerful, especially the last few lines.

  2. July 4, 2010 19:46

    Indeed this is a great poem with splendid verses.

    Great job

    Keep on writing

  3. July 4, 2010 20:16

    I love that “yes dear” – my OH always says that when he means “no way”.

  4. July 4, 2010 20:47

    I agree, this is powerful. In the context of conversation these lines

    “I wouldn’t strike
    if you played fair”

    “but what other sport
    would you have me play?!”

    have to slap anyone who reads this. Wonderful poem.


  5. July 4, 2010 21:30

    A strong weaving of conversation, I like that there is much for the reader to fill in. The ““we tussle away/ til twlight hoists the moon” stanza is particularly rich where it sits, countered with the “Yes, dear” stanza.

    Welcome to the Big Tent!

  6. July 5, 2010 00:18

    Vivid imagery…loved the Yes dear part so much! 🙂

  7. July 5, 2010 01:53

    I felt as though I was eavesdropping on this “snippet” of conversation…which was a very good example of the way to do this prompt…I enjoyed it very much!

  8. July 5, 2010 02:54

    This is almost audible – well crafted. Love it!

  9. July 5, 2010 07:58

    Thanks to everyone for your comments – and glad it felt as though you were eavesdropping Cynthia! It was my first go at conversartional poetry so am chuffed to be on the right track 🙂

  10. July 5, 2010 17:34

    This one stung as surely as if I myself had been slapped. That’s the meaning of good writing – it can literally leap off the page and do… whatever. Heal, remind, touch. Good work. Must have been a hard one to write. Amy

  11. tillybud permalink
    July 7, 2010 10:42

    I like the two distinct voices.

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