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The Secret Chord

June 21, 2010

I re-discovered this poem just a minute ago and was shocked that I wrote it over 4 years ago. Phew, where does the time fly to?! It’s funny how when I read poems I wrote long ago, they seem almost like someone else wrote them, because the flurry of emotion or idea which gave rise to them has dissipated and all that I’m left with is the outcome, which is the end of a much more convoluted and intangible process.

Anywhere here it is:

The Secret Chord

I view things that
the world
overlooks like shifting
in the springtime dusk
breeze of arctic feel whistling
past reddened ears
amongst woolen appendage
flapping past alert fields
of vision

I feel things
that the world forgets
like the fresh sensation
of your flesh
after a day spent
apart the pulsation
of life in the sheets as we throb
and ebb and flow
between ourselves
the partially frightening
exhilaration of acceptance
when caught in the posture
of head on bare chest

not simple pleasures
complex and beautiful
in their shifting shape
and relation
how the light plays plucking
the highlights and placing
emphasis on each sensation
in turn the humility the smallness
of existence twitching
around me as sat
in the gentle glare of foreign sun
the trees dance
just for me
soundless their rustle muted
by observation

that for me
the life of the watcher
feeling deeply the movement
of tiny particles of matter
combined to create
imagination reflection and words
always the words
which slice through
the glass and sing
of all
I see

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