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June 17, 2010

This picture has set off a thought in me…that I am going to try and keep a log of my life through words and pictures. What would such a book look like?! Would it be big or small…does it need to be a paper book or can I blog it. Is this, in essence, what a blog is (I know it is, but can I make it work)?! I can’t take a blog everywhere with me, so maybe I should keep the following with me at all times: book, pens, clear tape. That way I can capture things that strike me, shock me, move me…anything in essence which makes me stop amongst the humdrum and think “yes, actually I’m alive”.

So picture 1. This is my skirt. Or at least an arrangement of the pieces of fabric that collectively will come to be known as the skirt what I created in my sewing class. After years of being pretty shoddy with my crafts (I’d always have a go, but my projects always looked very, very homemade!) I decided to take a sewing class. And ta da! In a few short weeks I have learnt how to cut out a commercial pattern, what selvage is, why it’s important to press fabric and a vital lesson for me: patience is a virtue. Taking time to pay attention to the details makes all the difference.

My crafts for me, this year, have been something I’ve really started to appreciate. I work a condensed working week so I get every Friday off, and while initially this has been time I’ve spent with my Mum, the more independent she becomes the more likely I am to be able to reclaim a little bit of my Fridays. Being creative for me isn’t something that I do when I have a spare minute, it’s something I think about doing all the time. I have the ideas, the imagination but not so much the proper basic skills. So this year has been about working at getting these skills so I can then build on them. Like my knitting. Once again, patience is a virtue!

When I make something, a sort of alchemy goes on in my brain. I become more me some how. The act of creation makes me feel enlivened and I love to see an end product; maybe a little too much as sometimes I think I’m to led by the desire to get to the end and quality kinda goes out the window. However I am working on this and I am beginning to see the worth in taking my time, doing things right, making sure that the end product really does justice to the idea, the time and the effort I’ve put in. The world is full of carbon copies, people doing the same things in the same way. When I create something it allows me to translate a little of the way my brain works into something demonstrable to the world around me. It allows me to do something ordinary in a new way – new at least in the sense that my hands have never made that thing, never sewed that stitch in that place in quite that way before. And that is magical. It is a philosophy housed within a stitch – the stitch never existed before it was sewn by me, in some ways ceases to exist once the stitch is complete, yet it endures. Or something like that.

So that’s just a tiny bit about me and why I craft. Who knows what my brain will come up with tomorrow…

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  1. June 17, 2010 20:13

    Nice one Sally 🙂 I wholeheartedly encourage this creativeness! Looking forward to seeing the finished piece and much more. Keep up the good work!

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