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Cycle rides are the way, the truth and the light

April 5, 2010

So today, after consuming half a Thornton’s Easter Egg, I forced myself to leave the house and go for a cycle ride. I started off by heading down to Soho, where I planned to stop for vegetable dumplings at the most amazing place. But I got there and wasn’t hungry so I carried on – through Covent Garden, down to the strand, to the river and then along South Bank, through Waterloo, along the Thames Path, up into the city (breathe), into Liverpool Street, Spitalfields, Brick Lane, up through Shoreditch into Dalston, Islington, Kings Cross and then back to Camden for a pint of bitter shandy with my pal Tom. Phew. All that and I’d forgotten to drink any water before I went or even have any on route. Silly me.

I notice things on my bike that I normally don’t pay any attention to, and I don’t just mean traffic. Like today, as I cycled down Brick Lane I was humming a tune and not once did anyone get in the way of me and my bike. It was like my humming was enough to say “hey I’m here, please be careful where you step” which was a relief cause normally if I have to rely on my bell people just get really shocked, jump and then scowl at me which is mildly unpleasant but slightly amusing. People smile at me on my bike when I hum (probably because I resemble a slightly slow yokle), and cycling makes me happy because it feels so great to be transporting myself with little more than my little chubby kiddy legs and just a dash of balance; which by the way is much improved. This I know because I kept cycling one handed just to show off how more confident and poised I feel after a whole year of cycling.

So all in all I had a pretty stupendous Bank Holiday, just spent cycling about by myself. The sun occasionally shone, and it didn’t rain which is good enough for me.

I also put together a “things I love” photo album on facebook, and it made me think that maybe I’d do something similar on this blog. Not because I think people are particularly interested in me and my likes/dislikes but just that it will give me a regular reason to blog and something to talk about. Really this is all about me, so get used to it! I need to be able to have a way of writing something every few days otherwise months go by (as you can see from the date I first started uploading my poetry – January – and today’s date – April)! I haven’t even been penning much poetry offline either, and I’ve been wondering why that is. Part of it may be that I’ve been busy expanding my creative repetoire by knitting and other crafty stuff but I also think it’s partly been cause I’ve been on and off knackered which is a fall out from all the stuff that happened towards the end of last year, and sneaked over into the beginning of this (Dad dying, Mum hospitalised etc).

But now that life is getting a little more normal again I am hoping to re-immerse myself in writing once more. Least that’s the plan.

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