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A Possible Reply (to Anna’s pondering)

January 17, 2010

When the universe began
to expand,
it was the first breath
the first exhalation
of creation.
As the infinite insufflated,
and exhaled
so life was blown
into the void:
millions of stars
released into the

Thus the universe
and all its inhabitants
were born out
of the most instinctive
the innate knowledge
of how to sustain life,
of how to breathe.

And when the universe
in its entirety
begins to contract
it will be the inhalation
of a new breath, the beginning
of a new exhalation of life and matter:
neither the end, the apocalypse
nor the greatest catastrophe
but a continuation of the
most vital of life processes.

Our own universes we are
in breath,
the great divide, the infinite
both life and death
bestowed in birth
In the unfathomable
of imagination
there are no confines
no deaths
only expansion

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