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Lets go round again…

January 15, 2010

Some of you reading this may know me personally and if you do then you also may know I have started many blogs over the years…and have always been sporadic at best!  In fact every new blog I begin always starts with this very same post explaining how uncommitted I have been with my writing in general.  So what’s gonna be so different now?  Well maybe nothing, but primarily I’m going to really try this time to use this blog regularly as a means of communicating my poetry, my photographs and any other bits of fluff that get sucked into my brain and pushed out as creative lint.  It may not always be prompt, it may not always be pretty but I do hope that it may rise to the heady heights of being interesting-ish.

To begin on the right foot (and because I haven’t got round to swapping over the writing from my old computer to my new behemoth) I shall offer a link by way of a first post.  The Museum of Everything is a great museum, hidden in the back streets of Primrose Hill whose existence I was alerted to by a very good friend.  It features work which is created outside of the mainstream art world by individuals living outside of mainstream society and is stimulatingly eclectic to say the least.  Set back from the road, behind Primrose Hill library, the building is bigger than you think, and the exhibitions are nothing that you would imagine; you can also buy crumpets in the cafe and browse through their limited though very satisfactory range of postcards and assorted merchandising stuff.

Timeout offer quite a good review in terms of preparing you for the strange, compelling but not always immediately comprehensible artwork which is housed in the museum.  However as one of the comments on the wall of the museum states visual art is not necessarily about understanding it is about feeling, and the pieces in the The Museum of Everything succeed because it moves you to feel something.   I wasn’t always sure exactly what I was feeling – interested, befuddled, comically tickled but then what more could one ask for on a sleepy Sunday afternoon than to have one’s emotions played around with a little?!  I have always had much patience for work which requires time and attention, rather than being immediately likeable, to my mind as long as I am finally moved to feel something, good or bad, then that’s alright by me so I’ll definitely add this venue to my list of places to take people when they come to visit, or when I’m looking to bemuse, amuse and confuse.

And that’s it.  My first entry.  How was it for you?  Answers on a postcard please.  I do hope you come and visit me my itsy bitsy blog again whether to marvel at my smooth use of the semi colon or guffaw as I try to customise this site with very limited technical flair and little prior knowledge of coding.  Plus you never know this time I may just manage to keep up momentum and actually post something on here more regularly than every quarter.  Wonders may never cease.

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